Be an Apprentice

If you are ready to dream big and achieve your full potential, then an apprenticeship may be right for you.

  • Earn while you learn. Apprentices are paid a progressive wage while they learn valuable job skills.
  • Increase your earning potential. The average annual starting salary for an apprentice graduate is $50,000 (according to U.S. Department of Labor statistics).
  • Be in demand. Learn the skills and gain the credentials that employers want.
  • Become more confident. Gain self-assurance by working independently under the tutelage of a journeyperson.
  • Make new friends. Apprenticeship training classes attract people of all ages and backgrounds.


  • Be an Apprentice
How do I become a registered apprentice?
Apply directly to MDBFAA (the program sponsor) or your potential employer.
What is a registered apprenticeship?
Registered apprenticeships are jobs where you “earn and learn.” While working on the job, you receive one-on-one full-time training from a skilled craftsperson as well as related classroom instruction. An apprentice is “sponsored” by an employer or association and is paid according to a progressive pay scale. When you complete registered apprenticeship training, you are on a pathway to a career.
What are the benefits of being a registered apprentice?
You will earn a wage, while receiving industry credentials without incurring tuition debt. You will learn transferable skills to advance your career and gain job satisfaction by performing meaningful work.
What do I get paid as a registered apprentice?
As a Registered Apprentice, you are paid on a progressive wage scale. The more experience and training you gain as an apprentice, the more pay you will receive.
Can I work as a registered apprentice anywhere in Maryland?
Yes, registered apprenticeship programs are available in every Maryland county.
What are the age requirements to be a registered apprentice?
Anyone 18 years or older who meets the qualifications can be a registered apprentice. While some programs allow individuals 16 years and older with parental permission, the MDBFAA program requires participants to be 18 because of state law governing alarm technicians.
Are there any other requirements to be a registered apprentice?
You must be physically able to perform required tasks and have access to transportation. Most, but not all, registered apprenticeship programs require a Maryland high school diploma by means of high school graduation or successful completion of the GED® Test or National External Diploma Program®. You may have to pass specific tests in math and English. Individual program requirements may vary.
How do I know what it’s like to be a registered apprentice?
Visit the Apprentice Success Stories page to see real life apprentices and to hear their stories.